Title: Postdoctoral Research Associate


Ph.D., New York University, New York, NY

M.Sc., New York University, New York, NY

B.A. Hampshire College, Amherst, MA 


Danielle Nalband is a postdoctoral researcher in the REdesign lab. While obtaining her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from New York University, she synthesized, characterized, and tested siRNA-liptioid nanoparticle complexes for their ability to modulate vocal fold tissue response after injury. Another avenue of her research explored the possibility for templating collagen triple helix formation using collagen-like peptides from a peptidomimetic scaffold. In the Freytes lab at the UNC/NCSU Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering, Danielle is currently investigating the response of cells in a 3D culture matrix to biochemical stressors associated with injury and is interested in developing ECM-derived topical formulations for cosmeceutical applications.

Awards and Honors

2011-2016   McCracken Fellowship NYU

2008  Samuel Morris Grant for Sustainability in Science, Hampshire College 

2006-2010   Hampshire College Natural Science Scholarship , Hampshire College


Publications (* = First Author)

5. “Collagen-Mimetic Peptides Templated on Peptoid Scaffolds”, (in preparation), Nalband, D.M.*; Eastwood, J.R.; Tatikola, M.; Raines, R.; Kirshenbaum, K.

4. “Implementing efficient peptoid-mediated delivery of RNA-based therapeutics to the vocal folds”, (2019), Mukudai S., Kraja .I, Bing R., Nalband D.M, Tatikola M., Hiwatashi N., Kirshenbaum K., & Branski R.C. Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology, October 2019, 4, 640-644.

3. “Nanoparticle Delivery of RNA-based therapeutics to alter local vocal fold tissue response to injury”, (2018), Hiwatashi N, Kraja I, Benedict PA, Dion GR, Bing R, Rousseau B, Amin MR, Nalband DM, Kirshenbaum K, & Branski RC. The Laryngoscope, May 2018, E178- E183.

2. “Preliminary study of a novel transfection modality for in vivo siRNA delivery to vocal fold fibroblasts”, (2017), Kraja, I., Bing, R., Hiwatashi, N., Rousseau, B., Nalband, D., Kirshenbaum, K. and Branski, R. C. The Laryngoscope, July 2017, E231-E237.

1. “Rapid Identification of Metal Binding Peptoid Oligomers by On-Resin X Ray Fluorescence Screening”, (2014), Nalband, D.M.*, Warner, B. P., Zahler, N. H. and Kirshenbaum, K. Biopolymers, 102: 407–415.


Conference Presentations

2015 Danielle Nalband, Kent Kirshenbaum. Rapid Identification of Metal Binding Peptoid Oligomers by On-Resin X Ray Fluorescence Screening. International Peptoid Summit. Poster Presentation

2012 Danielle Nalband, Kent Kirshenbaum. Synthesis and Characterization of Water Soluble N-aryl Peptoid Oligomers. International Peptoid Summit. Poster Presentation

2010 Danielle Nalband, Rayane Moreira. Aqueous Diels Alder Reactions via Lewis Acid Catalysis. American Chemical Society (ACS) Western Mass Spring Meeting. Poster Presentation

2009 Danielle Nalband, Nathan Sick, Cameron Peebles, Rayane Moreira. Developing a REDOX Enzyme Active Site for Lewis Acid Catalysis. American Chemical Society (ACS) Annual Fall National Meeting. Poster Presentation